Saturday, February 19, 2011

Coach in the Car

Driving home, after you lose a game, can be bad; But, if you are the coach, and your kid is the player in the back seat, it can be BRUTAL!

I started coaching my; now 8 year old sons, Youth Soccer Team, about 3 years ago. I never had any intentions of coaching any sport? When my son was in kindergarten, he signed up for a soccer clinic. The coach was away on a vacation, and he asked if anyone could step in and coach one of the clinics, I  said I would do it! It was the funnest clinic; I loved spending time with my son and my son loved having his mom, "as the coach"!

That day, changed the dynamics, of my relationship with  my son! He would only continue to play, "if", I coached? He didn't go to anymore clinics after that day! I would go with him, get involved, make him stay and watch? I tried; believe me, I am tough!!

That day, has forever changed by life as a, "Soccer Mom".

Knowing I am making a difference; is why I can stand to drive home after we lose a game. Knowing, I changed my son's life, "for the better"; because, I got involved!

Someday, I will look back and miss the rides home, after a game; Coach/Mom and Player/Son, whether its is a win or a loss, it doesn't matter; its that time we have together, "NOW", that I need to remember counts the most! 

Good Night! x

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