Monday, February 14, 2011

Soccer Saves Me

So in my journey to discover, "true happiness", I find Soccer?

When I embraced the role, as, "stay at home mom", I wanted to not just take care of my house, but, get involved with my kids! What did I know, about Soccer? NOTHING!! I never played the sport, in  my life! I went out for a team, "once", in 8th grade; because, I wanted to make new friends, I didn't make the team, and that was the end of that! Until 3 years ago.

In an effort, to get my very, "shy", first born son, to join some kind of team sport; I suggest Soccer. It was a sport that wasn't aggressive like, Football, and wasn't terribly boring to watch, like t-ball? My son, agreed to join, "if", I coached? The town recreational program, encouraged me, they never have enough volunteers!

I knew I didn't want to be, "an assistant", especially to some "ego driven", father who was the former soccer star!  I made it pretty clear; I would like to, "head coach"! I was given the go ahead and off I went to coach, my first boys 2nd grade team !! This was a life changing moment for me, FOR SURE!!

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