Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Opportunity Discoverd

So, where did I last leave off? Oh yea, it was patience?? I almost gave up on this blog, but something happend tonight; something that "woke me up, and reminded me, why I started.

Reality check; I am unemployed, and we don't have health insurance and I have no "skills" to repair the septic, or paint the house! I was depressed, overnweight, broke and about to lose my family?

What would I know; about landscaping, painting, or plumbing?

What I like to call, "The Good Guinea Wife Guide to Weights Loss". I don't have the energy at this very moment to ellaborate, but I promise to tell the secrets!

Back to reality; I am literally weeks away from losing my unemployment benefits and I wont, I can't bring myself back to the, life I previously lived! Sell whatever to make a buck, only thing, "every time you sell, you have to sell more". The pressure, to always do more, produce more, for something that I just don't believe in!! I guess that is why I originally got out of sales? I realized, I can't sell what I don't believe in? Does that make any sense? The money was never a motivational factor, it was, "Could I be the BEST?"  I was the best, but, when you don't have any competition, the game is over....

The changing moment today, comes from where you least expect and from who you least expect it!  My husband, yes the one that wanted to leave me,  tells me today;  February 9th, 2011, You need to audition for this job, it is perfect for you! You should be the next, "mytv9star"!

What job? What audition? I go to "mytv9star"; I read the job description and realize I may have found my opportunity to do what I was called to do! This is a job that I could,  "sell myself", and, "I do beleive in me"!! I will have a platform to meet people and change lives, "for the better". I can share my life with others and make lives better, I can relate to the, "real housewife" in America!!! I am excited and happy that I have a chance to live out my dreams, and my family is supporting me!!

For today, I am not going to re-live the hardships of the past couple years.

Thank you, to my husband!! xo

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