Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Skills Don't Pay the Bills

Being a, "Do it yourself Diva, ""Career Volunteer", and "Coach", is more than a full time job!

I have fully challenged myself, both mentally and physically. I have changed lives, and would love to keep doing what I love so much!! Like I said in one of my past blogs, I never thought I would struggle to find a job?

It wasn't till after I watched the President address congress, saying that times had changed; without a higher education or a special skill, you are going to be in trouble.I never believed that woud be me? The fact is, that is exactly me! What I realize and seem to think unfair; some of us, who suffer disabilities that prevent us, from getting the, "traditional" 4 year degree, or perhaps, "struggle" to sit in a class room for more than 10 min, might not fit into the, "cookie cutter jobs", that are listed on job fiinding web sites!

Something about me, I haven't shared. I suffer ADHD. I am very smart; but, when it comes to following a  daily routine, I get frustrated, or bored. I often take on more than I might be asked, or make suggestions that are not part of the, "job description". I am a great boss, to myself !

I work well independantly, and love to learn about new things; but, I need to learn by doing and learning from my own failures. I don't like to be told,"what I did wrong", or, "how to do it". I am not, a, "know it all", and I do love to learn from my failures; I understand, "constructive criticism", and am always open to new ideas. It just seems I deal with people, who expect me to understand, what they are teaching; when they are not really teaching, but, "telling me"? I am often made to feel, "stupid", for not, "getting it", on the first try?

I already said, I am impulsive. I have started home improvement projects and landsacping projects, that I have learned, by doing, it wasn't working. I learned from doing and making my own mistakes, and then fixing them, on my own, and I smile with pride, because the outcome is exactly as I imagined!

It has been rewarding to see my garden grow. When, "mother nature", shows me; "that flower is going to die in that spot", I can move it and it will blossom. It might take a year or two, but when spring comes around, and the garden is filled with color, it puts a smile on my face. I did that, I figured it out on my own!

I have made some BIG mistakes, like painting the treads on my stairs; a color that I turned out to hate. You would think, easy fix, take the paint off? Taking the paint of the stairs, has got to be one of the hardest most physically challenging mistakes I have ever made; but, I did it, and I finished it! I am not going to go into detail about, the other massive, "screw ups". Using the pencil tip on the power washer to clean the wood deck, oops? BIG BAD MISTAKE!  I didn't forget about it, I am just waiting for the weather to change, so, I can flip the boards, "one by one", and re-stain the deck, "the right way"?

Well that's enough of that, but, you can see; as I learn slowly from my own mistakes it builds my confidence and pride in what I am accomplishing everyday. I don't think, you find your "calling", it finds you! I hope some day, "my skills, will in deed, pay the bills"?

Thats all for today! Talk to you soon! xo Coach Salvo

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