Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Narcissism or Self Promoting

Narcissism is the personality trait of egotism, vanity, conceit, or simple selfishness

I was shopping in one of my, "regular", consignment shops today. I overheard a nice young women, speaking about her recent aplication for a loan modification; The horrible time she was having. I heard another women, and yet another, all sharing similiar stories. I heard; comments like "no one has credit anymore", "the mortgage brokers that cheated you, are now "loan modificaiton specialist", making money off you again, etc..It occured to me, that everyone is, "looking out for #1", and why shouldn't they? Do we define these people, as, "Narcissist"?

I couldn't help, but to think; "who is successful today", "who is succeeding in this tough, economic time"? It appears; those of us, who are using the power of, "social  networking", twitter, facebook, blogging, etc...  Those of us, who are speaking about, "what we know", and "what we are good at", are not only helping others; but, also building our own self esteem?

My whole life, I spoke about how I was really great with people. I had a nice smile, and I always seemed to capture an audience, no matter who the audience might be, I could relate to anyone! When I was growing up, "that alone did not count, for much"?

I suffer, ADHD, and back when I was growing up; that disability did not exist. I was considerd, "a lazy student". As an adult, I had to sell myself; by getting whatever job, that would hire me. I was constantly, "self promoting"! I think it was misread as, "narcissistic"?

I just want to end with; I think if you are, self promoting about something you are proud of, "WHY NOT"! If you can help others; talking about your strengths , "WHY NOT"! I am proud to be, enthusiastic, charismatic, creative, hard working and still kickin in a crazy world!  To all of my, "social networking, friends", I am listening to you!! I like hearing what you have to share! I don't think you are, "ego-driven,coceited, vane or selfish"! I think you are doing what is necessary to survive, and "get back to basics", in a crazy world!

Coach Salvo

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